2020 Asphalt Paving Cost Per Square Foot For Driveways

Paving Driveway Cost Per Square Foot. On average, it costs between $1.49 and $1.69 per square foot to pave an asphalt parking lot. Striping, marking, and curbing will come at an additional cost. Based on this estimated rate, asphalt driveway replacement cost about $16,000 to re-pave a 10,000 square foot parking lot.

How Much Does an Asphalt Driveway Cost?

Concrete driveways cost $3 to $18 per square foot, and asphalt runs $7 to $13 per square foot. Unless you buy the cheapest concrete materials, …

How many square feet are in a ton of asphalt?

Other sources estimate the cost to install an asphalt driveway to be between $2,300 and $10,300. Homeowners typically pay per square foot. Reibling adds the average cost per square foot is between $3.50 and $4.50. Some asphalt contractors may charge by the ton, with the cost ranging from $100 to $150 per ton.

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Recycled Asphalt Driveway Cost. A recycled asphalt driveway costs $6.20 to $8.75 per square foot, including installation, making it an affordable option. Reclaimed asphalt costs just $0.20 to $0.75 per square foot, and you'll pay $5 to $7 per square foot for labor. If, however, you are having an existing driveway removed or your contractor is ...

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Asphalt Cost per Square Foot Parking Lot. On average, it costs between $3 and $5 per square foot to pave an asphalt parking lot. Striping, marking, and curbing will come at an additional cost. Based on this estimated rate, it would cost about $4,500 to re-pave a 1,500 square foot parking lot. Asphalt driveway paving cost

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A recycled asphalt driveway costs $2 to $5 per square foot installed or from $0.15 to $0.40 per square foot for materials only. A ton of asphalt millings covers 60 square feet on average, while a cubic yard covers 80 square feet …

Recycled Asphalt Cost

As per the findings of Asphaltrecycling.com, recycled asphalt is a huge cost saver for the local government. The savings amount to $30-$80 a ton. Contractors and municipalities recycle asphalt at $18/ton using a PT-PRO series Recycler. A hot mix costs …

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Asphalt prices. Asphalt prices are $40 to $80 per ton on average or $0.75 to $2.00 per square foot.Asphalt materials for a 2-car (24'x24') driveway cost $600 to $1,100.Asphalt prices depend on the quality, volume, delivery fees, and if it's hot-mix, cold-mix, porous, recycled, or crushed.

How much does it cost for a recycled asphalt driveway?

The cost of an asphalt driveway is typically cheaper than concrete, costing $2.00 – $4.00 per square foot. Asphalt prices tend to fluctuate with fluctuations in crude oil prices. In contrast, a concrete driveway costs between $4.00 – $6.00 per square foot for a standard installation.

How much does asphalt milling cost? - Answers

The cost for asphalt paving varies slightly in the state of Montana as of 2014. The cost ranges between 2 and 4 dollars per square foot.

How much does a ton of asphalt millings cost?

Recycled Asphalt Cost (Also Known as Asphalt Millings) The cost is typically between $7-$15 per ton depending on recycling company and percentage of recycled asphalt but can fluctuate to about $60. New asphalt can cost $100-$200 per ton.

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Recycled Asphalt Millings. Recycled asphalt or Millings prices will vary depending on several factors. The job location, the availability of the materials and the job size. The bigger the job the less it is per square foot. Typically it runs about 1/3 of the price for a hot asphalt paving project.

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On average, milling costs from 0.25 to 0.60 dollars per square foot. Fuel volatility and raw material availability. The cost of asphalt is not constant; it changes on a monthly basis. Check its price on your state's Department of Transportation website. When the cost of hot mix asphalt rises, so does that of liquid asphalt cement.

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A heated driveway costs $12 to $25 per square foot, depending on whether it's new or a replacement.; Asphalt sealant costs about $500, and should be done at least 6 months after the top coat.It provides a layer of protection, to minimize cracking or shifting. A driveway gate costs $850 - $3,500.Automatic versions will cost more than a manual one with an average cost of around $7,000.

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Staymatt driveway material costs slightly more that regular asphalt. Depending on area and complexity of the driveway, it was cost about 4 to 6 dollars per square foot.

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The cost of asphalt paving for a driveway will run anywhere from $1 to $5 a square foot, varying regionally. The price per square foot is always less for larger jobs. In contrast, concrete paving projects can cost from $3 to $10 a square foot. Prices for colored concrete can run as high as $20 a square foot.

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2021 Driveway Costs Replace or Install a New Driveway . New driveway cost. A new driveway costs $3 to $12 per square foot on average. The average cost to build a driveway is $1,700 to $6,900 for materials and installation. Driveway prices depend on the size, the material put in (concrete, asphalt, Get Price

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Asphalt Sealing $0.22 - $0.44 per square foot - residential (driveways) Estimate includes labor for asphalt driveway seal. Includes sealing materials and cleanup. Cost does not include filling cracks, cold patching and weed removal. Reported by: ProMatcher Research Team: 29020, Camden, South Carolina - December 17, 2019 Brick or Concrete Paver ...

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Asphalt paving costs $7 to $13 per square foot, including minimal grading services. Materials cost from $2 to $6 per square foot and installation costs $5 to $7 per square foot. Excavation, added ...

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Asphalt Sealing $0.24 - $0.48 per square foot - residential (driveways) Quote estimate includes labor. Also includes sealer and cleanup. Cost does not account for oil stain cleanup and crack repair. Reported by: ProMatcher Research Team: 87124, Rio Rancho, New Mexico - May 13, 2021 Concrete Slab Leveling or Mudjacking

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Crushed Asphalt Driveway Cost. The cost of a crushed asphalt driveway can vary, but it depends mainly on the material quality. However, the price is about $2 to $5 per square foot on average, while the total cost of the driveway including labor and material costs, can range from $1,200 up to $3,600.

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The cost will depend on your state of residence and the work at hand. An asphalt driveway fair cost makes it affordable. The asphalt cost goes for an approximate of $3 to $4 per square foot. It will cost you an approximate of $6 per square foot to install concrete. 16 of 17.

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It costs between $1 and $3 a square foot. Recycled Asphalt Driveway Cost per Square Foot . Most asphalt driveways contain recycled material. Asphalt is recyclable, so it is very common for older driveways and roads to be reused in newer applications. This keeps costs down versus using newer material.

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Note that even though asphalt millings are sold by the yard or ton, you'll need to determine the square footage of where you want it to be placed to determine the exact cost. For example, most residential driveways measure 608 square feet approximately.

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When installing recycled asphalt in Lincoln, a majority of companies are known for charging either by the ton or per square foot of asphalt installed. Recycled asphalt in Lincoln cost a lot with majority of companies in Lincoln charging over $2,300 and $10,300 to install asphalt driveways across many homes and business entities across Lincoln.

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The Most Common package costs approximately $3910 for 1500 square feet, $6980 for 3000 square feet, and $18400 for 10,000 square feet. Prices vary from job to job. Driveway Resurfacing Package. Mill or notch all driveway entrances or tie-ins to address drainage issues. Power-sweep the surface and dispose of asphalt millings offsite.

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The average cost of a gravel driveway is between $1.25 and $1.80 per square foot, while asphalt driveways can typically cost from $2 to $5 per square foot to install. This makes both materials the most economical driveway material available. Cost-Efficiency. While gravel is marginally more affordable than asphalt millings, the latter is the ...

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Mobilization: This is the cost just to get the asphalt equipment and crew to a job site. The combination of hourly wages for transporting and unloading the equipment, as well as the fuel costs to get to the site, is a big factor that can make smaller jobs more cost per square foot than larger jobs.

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Asphalt driveway paving costs per square foot installed. For a 500 square foot (50 x 10) driveway this works out to an average cost of A Macadam driveway also known as tar and chip consist of crushed stone or gravel sprayed with liquid asphalt. They cost around per square foot…

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heater remixing for the process mat is $3.41 per square yard, the cost per gallon of rejuvenating agent is $45.45, and the cost per ton of furnish hot-mix asphalt is $1.78. The cost for heater scarifying is $1.03 per square yard and $1.35 per gallon for the rejuvenating agent. Analysis of the cold in-place recycling …

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Asphalt cost: $4.00 per square foot. This can vary depending on how thick it's applied and the region in which you live. Special features: The calculator above assumes the cost of a Chip Seal top coat, stamped surface or color asphalt at $4.00 per square foot. This is …

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Next, divide this into how much asphalt we need per square foot. 800 divided by 26.66 equals 30 tonnes of asphalt. At $85 per ton for hot-mix asphalt, the asphalt will cost 30 times $85, or $2,550. Once labor costs, equipment costs, and grading and fill dirt costs are considered, it is safe to say that you should set aside at least $5,500 for ...

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*Cost that would have been paid if material were disposed, asphalt & concrete are typically recycled. Cost savings does not include reuse of 7,225 tons of ledge. Disposal costs based on local rates. Tons Recycling Cost Avoided Disposal Cost* Savings Ceiling Tiles 6 $625 $708 $83 Asphalt 970 $2,367 $114,460 $112,093

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Asphalt can be recycled, so dumping/recycling can be free or as low as $5-$30 a truck load, although in some areas it costs more. Hiring a company to break up and remove asphalt paving runs roughly $2.50-$3.50 a square foot (although small jobs may cost more per square foot). A short driveway (10x20 to 12x25 feet) might run $500-$1,000 or more ...

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Calculate Asphalt Millings. Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Recycled Materials in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of Asphalt Millings: 2,410 lb/yd³ or 1.21 t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t. A:

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A pound of asphalt, just for reference, costs between $0.10 and $0.20 per pound with a ton being equal to 2,000 pounds. Reclaimed or Recycled Asphalt. You can always use reclaimed or recycled asphalt. There are some that don't like to reuse materials, but it can be much more cost-effective.

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Either of them can significantly affect the final Asphalt Cost per Square Foot Parking Lot. Aggregate- Usually, it's recycled material, fundamentally, it is a mixture of gravel and sand. After laying the base layer, the next step is the application of aggregate to stabilize the upper surface.

How much does a recycled asphalt driveway cost?

The cost of an asphalt driveway is typically cheaper than concrete, costing $2.00 – $4.00 per square foot. Asphalt prices tend to fluctuate with fluctuations in crude oil prices. In contrast, a concrete driveway costs between $4.00 – $6.00 per square foot for a standard installation.